Private Seminar: Healthier and longer live
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It is information that our neural network in the brain is shaped by and thus has access to the on- and off-switch of the genes and the genetic areas within the DNA. It is further explained how our health and our lifetime is affected by the positive or negative information.

  • Information shapes the conditioning of our body cells.
  • The creative genetic programs to live eternally?
  • Using their genetic programs, plants and animals can grow to thousands of years old or can rejuvenate their cells.
  • Can human beings live forever by following the “Codigo Universo”?
  • with free entrance to the revolutionary art exhibition of Liedtke Museum

drinks and food through all of the duration of the event
accommodation at a luxury apartment  with sea view
an e-book: The Genpiano - Cellular Rejuvenation
an e-book: Information - the principle of Creation 

Duration2 Days

Further information

Creativity is an energetic commodity which naturally re-builds itself within every human being. Everyone will be able to live healthier and longer in freedom and wealth; once the recent blockade of creativity will be overcome by the World Formula we shall own unending resources for commodities and energy because of a steadily growing world population with a prospering awareness. The evolution of awareness has caused our brain to grow from about 900 gr. up to between 1.400 and 1.500 gr. For the growth of awareness and creativity as well as the gain of knowledge by Mirror Neurons the constantly improving neuron based linking-up within the brain is one of the most important sources for the brain's expansion. Right now with 6,7 billions of people living on this planet, there are about 10 Million tons of living brain-mass on earth for which the use of their genetically fixed creativity as a pool for ideas and innovations is restricted by gene-pollution as well as gene- and cell-mutation which also lead to the aging of cells and illnesses.

“The art formula as the center point of the exhibition art open fascinates not only art experts but contains as well highly valuable information for Nature historians. The hereby enabled targeted intervention and rapid bio-cultural evolution would probably by far overshadow all current possibilities of cloning. Closely examined the art formula of the art open“Life + expansion of consciousness = art” maybe even describes a theoretical concept for the bio-cultural evolution of humankind.”

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schrenk

Acting Director of the Darmstadt Regional Museum


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