Private Seminar: Codigo Universo
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Live + Creativity = Quality of life
What is art, innovation, and creation?, Prosperity and success through epigenetics, The History of Art, The Physical Codigo Universo, Healthier and Longer Living Through the Biological Codigo Universo, The ethical capitalism

  • with free entrance to the revolutionary art exhibition of Liedtke Museum
  • The Code of the Universe The Theory of Everything (TOE)
  • Information networks of ours gen programs, cells, our body
  • Information networks of space, time, matter, gravity, the universe
  • Information networks of ethic societies and religions.
  • The code of the universe is confirmed in physics, biology, art, sociology and evolution

drinks and food through all of the duration of the event
accommodation at luxury apartment  with sea view
an e-book: The Genpiano - Cellular Rejuvenation
an e-book: Letterfields - The Proofs of God
an e-book: Information - the principle of Creation 

Duration5 Days

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“Based on the method of conducting scientific research by means of art and philosophy, lost since the Renaissance, Liedtke is the first artist after almost 5 centuries to once more achieve art and research results of the highest quality.”


Dr. Thomas Föhl

Art historian and Member of the Board of the Weimar Classic Foundation 

“Liedtke’s formula is an evolutionary achievement. Once invented and implemented, it enables itself.”
“Dieter Liedtke unravels the conditions of familiar theories. His ideas and his art-work require an observer, i.e. God, for whom time as the sum of all moments is present.“

Prof. Niklas Luhmann

Social scientist and social theorist Universitat Bielefeld 

“Today, access to creativity is only possible via images, because it is image sequences that the human mind works with. The archetype of every vision of the future is the vision, the dream, the connection of non-existing realities. The path from the future to the present is only possible by using the visual language of art. It makes people visionary, enabling them to experience the processes so far unnoticed and understand them. To trigger this potential in people who have no special equipment for it, the Art Formula is kept simple in terms of optical visibility: it is based on the evolution of innovations...’’


Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann 1999
Chief de Documenta (1972) Biennale de Lyon (1997)Biennale di Venezia (1999 and 2001)


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