Private Seminar: Art Investors

The investment in tangible assets, as experts know, offers more than ever interesting investment opportunities. In times of high uncertainty on the financial markets are real assets, so art. Art after 1945 has shown higher returns over the last 30 years than gold and stocks.

  • with free entrance to the revolutionary art exhibition of Liedtke Museum
  • Unique asset investment with continuous increase in value
  • The difference of art certified selection of objects by recognized experts
  • Particularly attractive: contemporary art after 1945
  • Constant return that far exceeds the ones of real estate
  • Exceptional added value: promoting art, creativity, and image
  • Increasing demand for valuable artworks worldwide
  • The secrets of museums directors
  • Art works with artinvest guarantee
  • The artinvest certificate



an e-book: Art Formula

art investors checklist

Duration4 Hours

Further information

The asset class of contemporary art complements as sensual and not at least also profitable – calculated on a 30-year base – as a relatively low-fluctuation investment-project, your investment portfolio.

The interest in this special investment is often aroused by a personal passion for your art. Sensibly developed and well thought out it complements the pleasure in artworks, the other positive aspects of this investment. Due to the growing interest from various regions of the world, such as Russia, the Asian Region, the Pacific Region, the demand meanwhile far exceeds the supply and the investment "artwork" is more and more in the focus of investment experts. However, the supply of high quality, sustainably valuable artworks, which have the potential to exist in the passage of time, is also limited. Here a sound expertise is needed.

The assets of the asset class "Artworks", the consistently positive performance, the low correlation to other asset classes, the low annual costs and the mobility of the investment object are actually fulfilled by both historical and contemporary art of the highest quality.

More and more museums, collectors and private exhibitors rely on high-quality artworks that use the innovation art formula (instead of the secret knowledge of some museum directors and successful art collectors) with little capital investment extraordinary collections of high cultural and financial value which create interest of the audience.

At the same time, especially in the countries of the Asian Area and the Near East, better and larger collections of world renown are being built, which specifically acquire contemporary artworks or include them as permanent loans in their collections. The classical European art is now more than ever an essential feature of the cultural development of a nation. The further development of avant-garde art is thus not driven by speculators, but by collectors and museums. 

"The performance of contemporary art left behind all other art epochs in 2014 as well: no new world record was set. This holds with 142.4 million dollars, the Triptychon "Three Studies of Lucian Freud" by Francis Bacon. But still, the buyers spent enormous sums: pictures of Andy Warhol (including the pictures "Triple Elvis" and "Four Marlons" from the stock of the Aachener casino) came to a total value of fabulous $ 653 million - no other artist was 2014 more valuable, In Germany, Gerhard Richter leads the list: his paintings were sold at auctions in 2014 for a total of $ 294 million. "
(Source: FAZ 26.01.2015) 


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