Creativity escape room quest
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After this quest, nothing is as it once was.

Real life escape room, that will bring you back to the cave era and guide you through the life of the ancient civilizations. You'll have to find the code of the universe. Don’t think that will be easy! The secret of the humanity is well hidden and could be found only from the chosen one!

  • Here your skills will be put to the test and you will have a chance to solve the ancient riddles of our culture.
  • Look back at the enigmas of the ancient cultures and discover a simple but ingenious formula in the mystery room.
  • After this quest, nothing is as it once was. The dissolution of the old riddles brings the highest life-profit for you and your health: Now you can reshape yourself and your future. Now understand the world by really seeing it.

Free parking, great location, and great views.

Duration1 Hour or 0 Hour
Bring along

Logic skills, teamwork strategy, good mood, and curiosity is all you need. 

ParticipantsFor team between 2 and 5 people.

Further information

You and your friends have the unique opportunity to sneak into a gallery in the center of the universe and uncover the results of 40-year long research proving the connection between ancient civilizations knowledge about medicine, motivation, changing DNA and occurring of SUPERPOWERS. Be careful the spark of creativity in your brain can happen in a matter of seconds! You only have 45 minutes before the Master of the Universe comes back and calls the police to throw you in jail for a robbery attempt. Hurry up! The secret is well hidden and will be shared only with the chosen one!

The goal is to find the Universe Code, before the Master of the Universe returns. All enigmas and problems are to be solved by the use of dexterity and cunning, brute force is not needed. If something does not move easily, it is not meant to move so please DO NOT ever try to move or open anything by FORCE, there is always another and easier path. 

Emergency procedure:
If you don’t feel well or want to call off the game for any reason, please wave at the cameras and inform us of your problem. We will come and let you out. REMEMBER you are being watched at all times and we can hear you so you are never alone.

You will only manage to succeed if you work together as a group! It is not possible to solve the puzzles alone. Teamwork is critical for finding the secret code. Have fun!


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